In these modern days where prospective customer seeks for information about products and services they desire long before taking the buying decision, blog is what helps connect them with business. Though blog is a web log where articles are posted and arranged chronologically for public consumption. It has metamorphosed to a marketing channel where brands and businesses of different sizes showcase ideas and expertise to gain authority and loyal community or follower-ship. These have been made possible because of the importance of blog and the features it parades.

Businesses are caching on these advantages by attracting new customers through the blog on their website. I sincerely feel you should not be left out otherwise your competitors that maintain active blog could be attracting and enticing your most loyal customers at the expense of your brand.

Below are more reasons why you should consider creating a blog for your business website.

5 major reasons why business needs a blog

1. Content marketing strategy
Content well optimized on blog have the affinity to rank better on search engine where your targeted audience go to search for links to information pages. The ideas you share on your company blog is part of the marketing strategy that will pull in target audience.

2. Source of content on social media platform
It is important to have brand presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Page, etc. That is where majority of prospective customer congregates. To showcase your brand, you need to have a voice so loud and true within your niche. Article posted on blog could be moderately regurgitated and served on social media.

You might even auto-post your blog content directly to numerous social media platforms using services like twitterfeed, It’s also a potent means of driving traffic to your blog.

3. Direct source of traffic
Personally speaking, this is the major reason why we run a blog consistently on this website. The capability of blog sending targeted traffic to your brand can be phenomena if it’s done correctly. You might need to think about getting back-links apart from posting great and useful content about your products or services and sharing them across social media sites.

Though it may take time to get result, just stay consistent and remain focused. Another thing you should be mindful of is how to set your blog to turn readers to customer. That should be the primary purpose of running a blog on your business website.

4. Customer service
The comment feature on blog allows you to interact with your blog readers directly, get feedback on posts, product updates and announcements. It also offers opportunity to have one-on-one engagement with customer. Adding target specific sign like @audience name (comment’s name) helps individualize comments. These further score blog higher than static website peculiar to business website.

Encouraging audience to comment on posts and responding promptly can unveil problems they face doing business with your brand which you may not get anywhere else.

5. Search engine optimization influence
Blog have the tendency to influence business website SEO principally on the ground that the content can be updated on a regular basis and search engine love fresh content. This encourage search engine spider to crawl the site with the intent to index pages if well structured and internally linked contextually.

These are the key reasons why your business needs a blog. However, there are other benefits your business can derive from blog like demonstrating your expertise, cross-sell and up-sell products to customer, etc.

If you’re still in doubt or yet to have an answer to why should your business have a blog, study the infographic below by Phil Vickman. It will further acquaint you of the need to run a blog on your website.


You can see that you can’t really beat the need to have a blog if you want your business to succeed online. However, it is important to know how to run a blog correctly because blog have its peculiarities, techniques and characteristics for success especially business blog.

How to blog correctly
The first thing I would like you to have at the back of your mind is that blog does not give you instant result. It is indeed a long-term investment. Before you build enough back-links and content that are sharable making your site go viral thereby posing as an authority within your niche will definitely take awhile.

To run a blog correctly you need to do the following:

– Publish fresh and useful content. Writing blog post consistently for your business is a constant for success.
– The frequency should be definite and constant.
– Create a human face by setting up Google authorship for post contributors.
– Install Newsletter form conspicuously to capture readers email for the purpose of serving them better.
– Engage internal linking system that is done contextually.
– Add compelling image on blog post that match the topic discussed.
– Always encourage readers to comment on post.
– Cultivate the habit of sharing blog post on social media and excite audience to do the same.
– Transfer the same passion you have for your business to the way you blog. Install necessary plugin that can enhance user experience like Pagination, Related posts, Bio data, etc.

Once you have a website, it is not hard to run a blog on it. Oh! Do I forget to tell you that you need a website to install a blog? You could run it concurrently with your business website just like us. The possibility is wholesome and intuitive. All you need is Content Management Software (CMS) like WordPress. We can even install and design a WordPress blog for you absolutely free.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how you feel, your fear and concern about the need to have a blog for your business.  

Francis 'Toke
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