The current smartphone sales statistics have revealed the need to give online customer sound user-friendly mobile experience of desktop website if we don’t want to lost them to competitors that are doing it the right way.

Do you know that the sales of smartphones have increased by 50% over last year and it has also dominated the total number of mobile phone sold globally by more than half according to a report on Telegraph?

This should not be a surprise because people (especially in the developing countries like Nigeria) are eager to savor the seemingly endless technological possibilities it offers which now pave the path to a whole new way of doing business. The major differential gap before now is the price.

As the price begin to come down due to emergence of new market launch of less expensive brands like Techno, more people will begin to replace their old phones that have less functionality with smartphone. This trend is most likely to continue into the nearest future until almost all the people living on the surface of the earth have one each.

This may sound ambiguous, but with the steady growth rate of the sales of smartphone globally as revealed on the info-graph below, one might beg to concur.

Smartphone Globally Sales

Smartphone Globally Sales

The global impact on business
Mobile phones have long change the way people do business which invariably have forced brands to change their marketing style. For instance, mobile website would not have been necessary if mobile phone especially smartphone were not invented.

However, the convenience and simplicity they offer in business environment will make people continue to sort after them. It is therefore imperative for business of any size to include mobile end user inter-phase into their plan so as to retain their customer base and also capture new lead.

As website owner or webmaster, how have you been able to create mobile experience that lingers? We can help you develop mobile version of your existing desktop website if you’ve not created any. We can even build a website that have the affinity to attract your targeted audience to your business.

We all have to take our businesses to where our individual prospective customer congregates if we desire to stay in business. What do you think?

Foto Credit: Engadget

Francis 'Toke
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