Motivation is the driving force that ignite the need to start something. What drives your impetus to start a blog. It is important to answer this question with all honesty and sincerity of purpose before we start blogging.There are so many reasons why bloggers blog.

Your reason may differ from mine, but one thing is definite and constant why we should blog which represent the true definition of a blog.

Though, blog has been defined as a weblog, but I would like to define it as a global business model configured as a platform of frequently updated personal or corporate journal arranged  chronologically in reverse order for public consumption.

Blog as grown to fulfill diverse needs. However, there are good and bad reasons why we should start a blog.

# I’ve heard people start blogging because they want to make money. This is about one of the most unethical reasons to start a blog, even though it is possible to make good money from blogging.

The major reason why you should not consider the money aspect when starting is that, before you build trusted audience and somehow beat your competitors within your niche will definitely take a while, except you manage to find hobby in blogging and blog consistently.

Why give yourself sleepless night and possibly give up blogging when your expectations are not met. Just keep doing what you know how to do best with the sincere intention of doing good service to people and in no time you shall be amazed to discover how fast you can make money blogging after you have monetized your blog.

# What you want to blog about is equally important. Some blog because they find it easy to setup most especially on free blog platforms, while some blog because they see their friends do it and some find it as the current norm or trend.

Don’t start a blog because it is cheaply available. I bet you will soon wind it up if you do not develop passion or find hobby in what you want to blog about and command high level of expertise and professionalism. It is a hard job to setup and maintain a successful blog.

When you provide  solution within a giving segment or need an online marketing vehicle for your business then, blog will lend credence to your effort in reaching out to people of like minds and prospective customers.

This should be the primary reason to start a blog. For instance, I use this blog to educate, teach and help people in marketing and blogging tips while promoting and advertising my products and services.

However, this does not represent blog as brand medium or advertising instrument. Blog does more than a vehicle for publicity or channel of audience, though these form part of the advantages of blog. Stay focus to your niche and create relevancy that reflect your brand and uniqueness.

Creativity and uniqueness in style of presentation is as important as knowing your audience and blogging for the right reason. Start blogging with the sincere intention of solving problem tailored towards a specific need and not for money.

Money may come later when you are fully absorbed into your niche and properly understood the technicalities of blogging.

Contact me  should you need further clarification on this. Be the best!

Francis 'Toke
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