You can get your business online and start attracting, engaging and converting prospective customer with 6 simple steps highlighted in this website worksheet plan. It is really not difficult if you apply your mind to it and get creative.

Website design is all about user experience and knowledge of salient factors that will make the site do that which it was intended to do.

Website worksheet

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The application and implementation of code structures may not be inevitable. The good part is that you can learn these things if you have the time. It thus pay at the long run.

Below are the steps you need to take to setup a professional website for your business.

1. Get a domain name: This is the starting point. It is the name that point to your website. So, you have to choose it carefully just as you would for your company. The name should be simple and easy to remember.

Ensure you get tips that will guide you on how to choose domain name for your website. You can search, select and register domain name on Godaddy. They are the leading domain name registrar.

2. Web hosting: For the sake of credibility and control, it is expedient to self-host your website. Don’t use a third party server like Blogger,, etc to host your website except you don’t want to use it for business purposes.

There are so many cheap web hosting plans that can accommodate any kind of budget. What is most important is to get a reliable and competent web hosting company like Hostgator or Godaddy that have solid infrastructure and resources large enough to contain, support and prevent your website from breakdown.

3. Build it yourself or hire professional: The choice of who build your website is basically yours. Just ask yourself if you have the skill or ‘learn on the job’ prowess to handle website design. You also have to consider your budget if it can cope with the cost of hiring a professional. Nevertheless, we accommodate varied budget request.

A quote request on our website design service platform might help understand the best package that would be suitable for your budget and website.

4. Develop content: Every business website is supposed to have five (5) basic web pages that would help visitors understand what a website is all about and the confidence needed to build business relationship.

These pages are: Home, About Us, Product/Services, Testimonial and Contact Us. There are basic requirements and features needed for the development of content on each of these pages that would attract and propel target audience to take the desired actions.

Home page requirements
A short description of business called tagline
Call to action- compelling statement that stirs interest to take action
Contact page link or information like email, phone number, etc
Links to major product and service pages with beautiful images
Sign up form with freebies to collect customer data
Testimonial from loyal customer that can help build the confidence of visitors
Vision and mission statement for brand service target.
Privacy policy at the footer.

About Us page requirements
How you start the business
Your motivation and aspirations
Why people should do business with you
Testimonial that portrays your credibility
You expertise and company or product awards
Image of company, partners or staffs

Product/service page requirements
Comprehensive list of product and services
Compelling images of products
Product details
Request a quote or contact form
Price list (Optional)
Link to payment platform (Optional)
Return policy, Warranties, Guarantees (Optional)
Shipping and delivery time (Optional)

Testimonial page requirements
Quotes from satisfied customer
Image of customer against quotes
Names and profession of customer at the base of quotation
Link to customer website or social media page (Optional)
Ratings and reviews from sites like Yelp, Angie’s list,, Yellow pages, Google place, Citysearch, etc. You have to enlist your product and services on these sites for customer to rate and write review on them.

Contact Us page requirements
Detail address
Detail map for direction
Phone number
Credible email address e.g [email protected]
A brief excitation note and promise of prompt response.

5. Design implementation: The outlook of website is the first point of attraction that would draw visitor’s attention and so, must be handled with care. The color combination and design should be well structured and balance to have a unique whole.

The goal is to create a website with a unique brand in terms of look, creativity, approach and service delivery. The navigation path must be clear and distinct with images that really speak for the content in a whole lot of ways.

A unique website should include the following features:
Unique logo that carry the theme of brand (website)
A favicon created from the logo
Special color blend
Uncommon characteristic

6. Publish: Once you are satisfied with elementary content and structural design and the overall look and feel of your website, it’s time to let people around you and your social network know about it.

Write status update about your website periodically with a link to it on Facebook. Tweet about the product and services it offer on twitter. You could create a Facebook page to further drive traffic from Facebook to your website.

More importantly, ensure you submit your website URL on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This would make your website get found on search table when targeted audience do a search on product or services using the keywords you optimized for.

Also, encourage your customers to rate and review your product and services. What do you think?

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