One of the fundamental growth performances in terms of traffic after a  site or blog has been setup is the ability to think like Google that has the power to bring tons of customers.

To earn more money doing business online, you have to partner with Google.

The maths is simple. When you think like Google, you’ll qualify to rank #1 on their search engine for your keywords and that means more traffic, more customer and more money.

Do I hear you say how? OK, let me explain;

# Google has The Largest Customer Base
Google has the largest patronage of searches done worldwide with about 65% chunk of the total search number performed. This fit is undoubtedly due to concerted effort of Google always trying to satisfy customer by ensuring they get what they look for at all time. This is the fundamental basis upon which the think-tank of Google revolves.

# Customer Movement
The movement of customer’s buying circle has long changed from the traditional TV advertisement to store where purchases are made. The trend has incorporated product engagement and familiarization long before the buying time.

This was made possible through content marketing in which search engine play significant role.

For instance, when was the last time you saw a commercial on TV or newspaper about a product and you went straight to store to buy without first Google it (i.e. look for more info about the product via search engine).

This new reality has suddenly changed how people do business. Google call it the zero moments of truth.

# Page Rank
What if your product web page rank #1 on search engine for that keyword people searches for? Probably, this would translate to more patronage and of course more profit.

Importance Of Google
Google has found greater relevance with individual and business for product information and customer connection respectively.

Individual: Google has helped people to get accurate information about product and services through reviews and also, assisted many in tapping educational materials for specific research purposes.

Do you know that 68% searchers don’t go past the first page in Google search result and 98% don’t go past the 3rd page before getting what they look for?

A statistics that clearly indicate people are satisfied with the result they get. This is the dominant power of Google that makes it the search engine leader for more than 10years now and no stiff competition in sight.

Business: Google has created a platform where business can connect with customer on a wide spectrum. They serve as the link between customer and business helping to unite them while breaching the gap of location that separates them.

Just image this, if you can think like Google and rank #1 on first page of Google for your niche keywords; 40% of the total number of people that search for the keyword are likely to visit your site. And if your website have been properly optimized for conversion, that would invariably translate to more customer, more money.

How then can we think like Google?
To think like Google is to understudy the way they work, what they like and dislike, their operation pattern both past and present, then their trend of movement into future and how to catch up and move ahead of them.

For me, there are places I go to savor knowledge base on the above requirements.

Google: Yes, I go to Google Inside Search because they are so magnanimous to provide tips on how their search engine operates and changes they want to effect. Check an infographic on how Google search engine work for insight.

Webmaster Tools: If you have a website and you have not incorporated Google webmaster tools into it, you are far from thinking like Google. Webmaster tools unveil the anatomy of website from Google perspective.

It let you know your web page rank, impressions, tools that enhance performance and send you message whenever it discover problem that may hinder operation.

No better way to get insight for measuring, analyzing and optimizing website for search engine. To crown it all, it is free. Just signup for Google email account, set up webmaster, import your website and that’s all.

Here are some of the available tools on webmaster;

# Crawl Error: List all dead links that lead to 404 error page and provide link for update.

# Page speed: It gives an insight of page load time. There is a special page dedicated for this purpose- PageSpeed

# Search Queries: This reveals your web page search result and impression giving you clue about keyword search and page rank.

# Sitemap: This tool allows you to submit your web pages for crawling and give you the number of indexed files. The higher the number of pages indexed the better.

# Messages: One of the most important tools that let you know if there is a problem with your website.

Google algorithm change history: SEOMOZ runs the history of Google algorithm behavior and ranking factor elements as far back as year 2000 till date. Truly, understanding these changes and applying the knowledge can help traffic drive via Google.

SEO by the sea: A source for search engine patent fillings and whitepapers about behind the scene of search engine mechanism, web page rank and future intentions and assumptions.

If you follow these sites closely, you’ll discover what Google likes and the precautions you should observe to gain their endorsement. Below are just a few of their likes and dislikes.

Major things Google like

Quality content: It is not surprising to know that they like quality content because they always ensure they serve clients with fresh and detailed information. This is one of the reasons why searcher would always turn to Google for information.

So, if you must think like them, you therefore need to serve your audience with quality content and Google will help double the effort with targeted traffic.

Page load: Google is so particular about page load time that they dedicated a page for it called page speed. Page load should indeed be a matter of importance to Google considering the traffic that used it per split of seconds.

Also, people desire to get things done faster these days probably on the ground of accumulated schedule.

Failure to satisfy them in this regard could make them look for alternatives. An occurrence Google would always like to extinguish. Thanks goodness that there are free tools on WordPress that help page load faster e.g. W3 Total cache & WP Super cache.

Back link: The quality of content is generally determined by the number of links it get from relevant and authority sites. Google tends to use this factor to rank web pages.

Nevertheless, Google does more on this by filtering the links for manipulations (spam and scam) so as to ascertain true quality links.

It is necessary to get these back links naturally. Though it’s time consuming, but it does pays at the long run because from past experience, Google will always catch up and penalize backlink spammer by dropping them down the rank table.

Social Network: It is a known fact that with the advent of Google Plus closely competing with Facebook, and going by the amount of money and time spent to develop and make it the best social networking platform; social shares, likes, Bookmarks, comments and posts would in no small measure be a criteria factor for page rank. Needless to say the future of Google may revolve around this.

User Experience: The secret of wealth creation is in creating unique experience that lingers while serving customer with what they really want. This has been the strength of Google.

From mobile responsive design to personalized search, they find ways to tailor customer experience to their specific needs, using different tools and information to deliver on this purpose.

Major things Google dislike

However, it is necessary to also highlight what they dislike to sharpen our perception about them.

Spam: The number one reason why Google changes its algorithm mechanism every now and then is to fight spammers and scammers.

This spam includes low quality backlinks, lots of inbound links vs. few outbound links, keyword stuffing, malware, duplicate content, invisible text, doorway pages, etc.

These practices called the black hat SEO boost the quality of page ranked thereby presenting a mediocrity wed pages to customer.

So, Google will always fight hard to reduce this practice to the barest minimum because they have a responsibility to provide their clients with quality and accurate content whenever needed.

Low quality content: Poorly developed content with little information would naturally be less rated. Google like meaty site that is tie to a definite niche creating relevancy.

Irrelevant or low quality links: Page index and ranking function upon backlinks plus more than 200 other factors. Sites with low quality or irrelevant links are jettisoned.

Slow page load: They don’t like web pages that take long to load because they’ve noticed that clients don’t like it.

We’ve known the likes and dislikes of Google. It’s time to fine tune our knowledge so that we can think ahead of them. We need to know the direction they’re taking and follow suite at much higher speed to arrive at their proposed destination.

The future process of Google
Google has begun a transformation agenda through different product launch that use the search and Google map as bedrock agent to transit to a do-without-product experience.

Google Plus: This was initially thought to be a social community platform (intending to rival Facebook) with a touch of business- Google Page, but it’s now obvious that Google+ is more or less the starting point of a process intended for advance assignment.

The Knowledge Graph: Google leverage the power of search, Google Map, Wikipedia and the social connection it has in Google Plus to develop a world of discovery in a unique way. Bring you a huge collection of people, places and things in the world and how they’re connected to one another.

Google Now: Is another transformation that moved from mere localization to more personalized information delivered instantly. They have truly harnessed the power of information to serve people better.

With Google Now, you get the right information anytime you need it irrespective of where you are in the world particularly USA.

For this transformation to be complete in this era, Google may have to extend the reach of total mobile experiences across the globe. No doubt, they would be saddled with this responsibility while maintaining existing products.

To get ahead of Google as business entity, is to create specific experience that are well packaged to audience and customer where ever they may be.

The task here is to understand the need of audience par time and then doctor service delivery to reflect unique angle in terms of content, presentation, reach and response to feedback. Then, you would have think like Google and stir their insight for the challenges ahead.

Do you have an insight into what Google is about to do next? In what ways have you been partnering with them? We need Google in one way or the other. That is the world we find ourselves.

Francis 'Toke
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