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Winning Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Success is like a journey characterized by the winning habits developed and mastered along the path of success. As an entrepreneur, we have to consistently engage our mind to imbibe winning habits and really acquire them to form the bedrock of our personal foundation...Continue Reading.

Business Journal Nigeria

It is our culture to publish the website design projects we have completed. This we do partly to showcase our work, but more importantly is the need to carry you (our blog reader) along the path of our business developmental process because we believe strongly that...Continue Reading.

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

In these modern days where prospective customer seeks for information about products and services they desire long before taking the buying decision, blog is what helps connect them with business. Though blog is a web log where articles are posted and arranged...Continue Reading.

Why Your Business Needs A Website

Why Your Business Needs A Website The rate at which people shop on the internet is increasing exponentially. The fact that they can sample different options and get in-depth information about products and services before they buy couple with the opportunity of getting the order delivered to their door...Continue Reading.

Guidelines On Using Twitter for Customer Service

Twitter has long metamorphosed to a social connecting platform where business of any size can relate with customer and audience on one-on-one basis. Special tools and commands like @username and DM (Direct Messages) have greatly influence the use of twitter for...Continue Reading.