Success is like a journey characterized by the winning habits developed and mastered along the path of success.

As an entrepreneur, we have to consistently engage our mind to imbibe winning habits and really acquire them to form the bedrock of our personal foundation because, that is when we can truly be successful in business. Successful business people do not wake up one day and find themselves successful.

It takes concerted effort and determination to live and flow by the rules and regulations of success called winning habits. I guess you want to know what these habits are.

Below are the list highlighted under major headings


Practice perfectly so that you can be perfect

Maintain an open mind

Be flexible

Improve on your self continuously


Dream big

Set goals and write them down

Take inventory of set goals and improve on them

Do your best to meet set goals

Have crystal clear sense of direction


Be unique

Brand yourself or your business


Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Connect with the right people


Master one thing

Do one thing at a time

Optimism And Belief

Be an optimist

Think positively

Believe in yourself.

Personal Values

Dedicate yourself to serving others

Be honest with yourself and others

Give first

Passion And Commitment

Do what you love or love what you do

Develop a sense for hard work

Be committed

Be persistent, winners never quit.

Be patient

Pay the price in advance

Be self discipline


Take risk


Accept responsibility.


Don’t despair at failure

Accept ups and down

It’s important you know you are not perfect

Develop resilience

Fall, but don’t stay down.


Develop reputation for urgency

Make decisions fast.


Be self employed always.

Francis 'Toke
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