Your website is supposed to attract customer that have found internet useful and convenient to shop for products and services.

In a situation where your business website is not able to capture these targeted audience that visited, it implies that something is either wrong with the structural design or the functionality and usability is questionable.

It is good to get a website for your business in this internet of things. But it is much more important to ensure the site is adding noticeable value to your bottom line otherwise, it would just become another cost that eats into your profit margin.

The big question now is;

How do you ensure your website delivers on the anticipated returns?

Every business minded entrepreneur would want to design a website for his or her business with one major goal in mind. And the goal is:

To ensure the business is found online so that it can attract new clients while keeping existing ones.

You’ll agree with me that not all website is able to deliver on this core purpose.

Why? Because all websites are not designed the same way.

However, there are basic features a business website is supposed to have that would spur audience to take the desired action when they visit. Below is an infograph by Incion that enumerated these simple but important features that should be included on your website at the point of design.

Apart from the factors highlighted on the infograph, there are other aspect of web design that can facilitate audience connection and engagement with your product or services. I shall discuss that in another blog post later.

Francis 'Toke
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