It is getting extremely difficult to find unregistered keyword rich domain name for your website. The solution is to learn how to do domain name search. It is even harder to find a name that can fully represent your niche and brand simultaneously.

This is the effect of increasing awareness for business globalization where local brands can compete internationally. This has made the population of businesses that have found website useful increase exponentially.

According to VeriSign Inc, 6 million domain names were registered in the first quarter of 2015 alone. This brought the total number of registered domain names in the world to 294 million.

This figure in my expectation will increase by 30% in 2016 because there is increasing flexibility in the creation of website which makes design agencies offer affordable web design. This trend however cannot make the web over-saturated. So, there is always a space large enough to contain incoming or new websites.

What is a domain name?

It is the address of your website. It is the name your visitors will type into the browser when they want to access your site. Domain name is like a sign post or the door post to our site. It should undoubtedly herald your brand creativity. Branding and uniqueness of site starts with domain name.

A typical one looks like the structure below:
http stands for: HyperText Transfer Protocol while https stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol over SSL that is, Secure Socket Layer.
www stands for: World Wide Web
.com is the extension that characterizes the type of domain.

Apart from the conventional TLDs (Top Level Domains) like .com, .net, .org, there are other hundreds of new GTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) you can choose from that can make your domain name unique and memorable, e.g. .name, .website, .club, etc.Domain tlds

Make your domain name short, catchy, memorable and above all, keyword rich.Tweet This

Why it is important to get keyword rich domain name for your website

Domain that contains the keywords your audience will use to find your product or services would make it easier for your website to rank higher on search engine result pages which is the most probable platform they will use to locate your business.

It is also a prerequisite of Google ranking factors.

It has the tendency of making the name resonate with your targeted audience because that is what they would use to search for your brand.

Your personal name represents your totality in terms of person, behavior, emotions, character, etc. That is the exact way domain name is to your blog/website and that is how search engine sees it too.

Things to consider when searching for a domain name

It is important you get it right from this stage whenever you plan to create a website for your business. How then can you get good name that would include your keywords and also form your core brand value?

The infographic and hints below shall equip you on how to do that the smart way before we move on to how you can get unregistered keyword rich domain names.
Domain Name for your Website

Let Your Passion Drive You

The major factor of a successful entrepreneurial journey is passion. I started blogging because of the passion I have for my plantain chips business, market needs and the desire to help people. I later learn the art of blogging which momentarily qualifies me to blog on this website.

Frandimore (the name of this site) was intended to be a unique brand on its own from business perspective (Website design & Online Marketing) and not necessarily from keyword angle. And that is why it has been taking us longer time to rank #1 on SERP for our projected keywords.

But, (another site I manage alongside Frandimore) was created out of the love I develop for people in plantain chips business in Nigeria. So, the domain name was carefully carved out from the targeted keywords.

In both cases, something deeper than necessity had driven me to setup those websites. Let what you are passionate about guide you when searching for a domain name. My plantain chips website was based on keyword, while Frandimore was based on brand development.

How to get unregistered keyword rich domain name without stress

After engaging in deep thought trying to figure out the best name for your website and the names you generated have been taken. Don’t blow out your head. There are websites or resources that can help you take up the task from there.

The domain name suggestion tool I’ll introduce to you is called Domain Samurai. It’s simple to use, but very effective as keyword domain suggestion tool. And it’s absolutely free.Keyword Domain Name

All you need to do is register for a link to download the software. It’s a one-off registration. Your download link and a unique key will be sent to the email address you entered when you signup. Another beautiful thing is that, the tool lives right on your computer, though you still need internet connection to access it.

If you want this tool, head on to Domain Samurai and register for a download link. Download and install the software on your system. You’ll need Adobe Air 16 for it to install and work smoothly. Click here for the comprehensive documentation on how to install the software.

Check out the video below on how to use it find rich keyword domain name.

Another good side of Domain Samurai is that you can integrate it with your Google Adwords account and then start using it as keywords suggestion tool just as Google keyword planner tool.

Other blog Or Website Name Generator

The sites below are known for generating domain names. Each website has specific working mechanism and different ways of generating result, but they all function and target the same purpose.

They’ll help you search for domain names. Just type in the name you want to search into the search box and it will give you the result instantly. They also recommend names that have not been taken or registered and some would suggest keyword names.

Conclusion: The ball is in your court. Play it the way you like, but remember to refine the name to reflect your niche and brand. Try adding suffix or prefix to the parent name either before or after only if the name you target is not available.

Beside, you have multiple variables of TLDS to play around with. I want to believe the domain name for that new website you want to create for your business is waiting for you to take up and make your own. Remember to make it short, catchy, memorable and above all, keyword rich.

Do not hesitate to Contact us should you need help in any way. Wish you the best of luck.

Francis 'Toke
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