Gravatar is an application that automatically displays your uploaded picture of choice beside a screen name when you post or comment on sites that support it. Really, gravatar is just an abbreviation for Globally Recognized Avatar.

Do I hear you say what is avatar? Ok, an avatar is a graphic representation of a person or an embodiment of ideas and concepts. From these definitions, you’ll begin to see an element of creative brand possibilities.

Gravatar is as important as the need to install favicon on website for easy identification when bookmarked or loaded on browser.

In the same vein, gravatar will display your branded image just beside your name on any website that support it automatically, giving you credit for the creative ideas and concepts shared. Also, it relieves you of the need to always upload an image when you post on other site.

The beauty of gravatar is that it display on authors mini profile on WordPress powered website. A smart blogger would get images that speak the language of her brand. That image should not be any other than a bigger image of the website favicon.

People respond faster to image that keep coming to mind. Remember, blogging is all about branding. Do you now feel the need to set up your gravatar to reflect your brand globally?

How to setup a Gravatar

Gravatar can only be setup on gravatar website by signing up with an email Gravatardedicated specifically for a set of gravatar. The first step to getting a gravatar is to log on to gravatar.

Enter the email you want to associate with the gravatar.

A Confirmation link will be sent to the email account. Open your mail and click on the confirmation link.

The link will take you to a form where you’ll be able to input your Username and Password on gravatar.

Enter your username and check if it is available.

The username should be lowercase and/or number with no spaces or punctuation. It is expedient to say that once your username is set, it can not be changed just like vanity URL on Facebook. So, choose it wisely.

Type in your Password and retype in the next box for confirmation.

Click on Signup to complete the process.

Upload an Image

The next step is to upload an image that will be tied to your account.
After signup, the next screen will show two task possibilities.

1. You can add new email
2. You can add new image

So, click on the blue colored letter that reads- ‘Add one by clicking here‘ to add your image.

There are three different location options to upload images; from your local computer; from the internet; from previously uploaded images.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we shall be considering uploading from a local computer.

Click on My computer’s hard drive

Click on Browse and find the image you want to upload from the pop up files.

Click on the image and click save

Click on Next

Crop the image to the size you want

Click on Crop and Finish

Rate Your Gravatar

You need to set a rating for your gravatar by just clicking on anyone from the options. I suggest you choose ‘G’ so that your gravatar can display on all website regardless the audience type.

That’s all about setting up your gravatar. With this, your image will display automatically on any website you post or comment on when you log in with the email address associated with it provided the site support gravatar.

How to Setup Gravatar

WordPress and Gravatar

WordPress powered sites now have gravatar ready which has been integrated into 2.5 versions upward. So, no need installing the modules. Optionally, there are widgets and plugin that enhance customization like side bar Gravatar Profile Widget, Gravatar Signup plugin, etc.

Let us know if you find this post useful. We are hear to also entertain your questions, comments and additions where necessary.

We can save you the stress of doing this yourself if you’re just starting out on WordPress because, we our package on the installation of WordPress setup include gravatar setup.

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