The goal to generate and increase blog traffic should not be limited to online method alone. The earlier we begin to spread our tentacles the better. Blog business should be seen as physical products that also need offline marketing drive. Apart from the product and services marketed through business blogs, the blog that house these products should also be given maximum exposure (what do you think?). This process should compliment one another.

After all, the online visitors expected to be led into sales conversion started the journey offline. How do we catch in on the opportunities that abound offline, converting them as potent means to increase blog traffic? Learn from the following tips.

Public speaking, conference or seminar centers

If you are privilege to speak in a conference or seminar related to your industry, you can cleverly chip-in your expertise that relates to your blog and give them a lead to your blog. You can equally hold seminar in your area of specialization for this suppose if you are big enough or have the organizing charisma to do so. Even as a floor member in a seminar, you can distribute beautiful and eye catching handbill that already contain your product and services with a link to your domain. You can get conference alerts on virtually any niche from all over the world.

TV shows

TV appearance is another potent means where you can reach great number of people within your locality and beyond depending on the extent of the TV station network coverage. How do I get featured on TV programmes (a) Through sponsored Talk show (b) Invitation.

You can setup a methodology of presenting a talk show on your niche and send it to a TV station of your choice for approval. It must also include how you intend to finance it. However, you can be invited to feature on TV programme because of your perceived niche authority, credibility and expertise, wanting others to learn and benefit from it.


Design a catching and beautiful handbill with all the necessary information that explains your services as a blogger and the benefits of visiting your blog. Share it everywhere you go. I did one on eBook free download and supported it with Bulk SMS. People like free but quality things. Ensure what you offer is good, quality and needed.


Like I said earlier, I offer quality digital magazine free download that usually cost me 10-12hours monthly aside the time needed to update this blog. But it is a service I’m passionate to do whether paid or not. I’m just happy knowing that I’m empowering someone, somewhere.

You must see blog business as a responsibility in service, a call to serve your visitors. The entire blog must reflect this submission. Even when you run adverts or link affiliate products, it must be in their interest. If you do not have a product you can give away, why not link other products that are genuinely free from other sites.

Banners and posters

Beyond handbill, banners and posters conspicuously pasted around locations with the highest traffic of passersby especially on foot has the tendency to increase blog traffic. This has stronger recall rate as long as the banner preserves the content.

Paste it on campuses, schools, commercial buses, event centre and places your target audience pass, visit or congregates. Make sure the banner or poster is catchy, interesting and simple with a link to your site. Recipient expected action must be geared towards domain URL.

Advertise on local newspaper/magazine

Local newspapers have gain relevancy in our modern day society most especially the popular ones. Buy an AD space/block and advertise your blog on the popular ones. If the cost is too high, I would suggest you go for the less popular or do more work in spreading both the handbill, banner and poster coverage.

Yellow page listing

It is absolutely free to place your blog business on the most visited page in the world for product and service search. Search engine help you find online traffic to your site and you just have to optimize it for index to be found quickly. On the other hand, yellow pages just require you to fill-in all necessary information needed for people to find you even in the real world. Stir the contact link to your domain url. Work on this, the result can be phenomenon and worthwhile in the long run.

Strategic bulk SMS campaign

I’ve always love this method of reaching people in the real world whenever I want to engage in sporadic marketing campaign. Bulk SMS is the delivery of text messages on mobile phones. No one can ignore the ‘deep’ sound of a phone. It is sure bet that recipients will read the content of my text delivered on their phones.

To record success, the message must be short, loaded with the most important information that would propel recipients to take expected action. Do I hear you say target audience mobile phone numbers would be difficult to get.

Your source is the adverts on local newspapers, magazines, etc. You can also generate numbers. Get a bulk SMS platform and start sending text messages for marketing and other purposes. It’s easy and cheap.

Collective agreement on branded prints

This is about advertising your blog on printed products that are not your own e.g labels, flyers, calendar, books, etc. All you need to do is just communicate your intention with the owner and be ready to absorb part of the production cost.

I have done one with a small cashew nut making outfit. They don’t have a website. So, they oblige me on footing 50% of the cost of the label.

Word of mouth/printed Business card

Presentation and look are key factors for success. The way you dress is how you will be addressed. Look your best all the time. You never can tell when opportunity to engage in business might come up.

Beside, you have to talk about your profession at the least opportunity. After all, it’s what you are passionate about with flaunted expertise.

More so, design a befitting business card with corporate and world class features that clearly show your domain address. I tell you, people will go behind you to check your site to dig the stuff you are made of. Please, don’t disappoint them by making your blog look crappy with poor content.

Contact us should you need assistance in any way. We shall be glad to respond to your request in dispatch time. Your success is our passion.

Francis 'Toke
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