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Winning Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Success is like a journey characterized by the winning habits developed and mastered along the path of success. As an entrepreneur, we have to consistently engage our mind to imbibe winning habits and really acquire them to form the bedrock of our personal foundation...Continue Reading.

The Future of the Internet of Things

We are already on a journey to a perfect world where things would be done with ease. Permit me to say that the future is really here and internet is the moulder of the future of things. Reminiscence on how we lived before the advent of internet and then consider the...Continue Reading.

How to Set Achievable Goals

It is natural for result oriented individual to set actionable and achievable goals. Successful people do this usually to measure their rate of development and performance skill. This always aid them to identify areas they need to improve upon, what to do and what not...Continue Reading.

How to Build a Media Empire From Your Bedroom

How to Build a Media Empire From Your Bedroom People feel it is nearly impossible to build and grow a successful media empire from home. I’d once shared in this opinion that at least you must have a corporate office where people can have access or relate physically with your business especially your...Continue Reading.