It is natural for result oriented individual to set actionable and achievable goals. Successful people do this usually to measure their rate of development and performance skill. This always aid them to identify areas they need to improve upon, what to do and what not to do par time.

I’ve always been inspired by the goals I set for myself. There is this drive within me that keep propelling ideas in form of thoughts that prompt the actions and steps I take towards achieving my set goals.

For instance, I’ve set a goal for the number of post I’ll publish this year. I’ve also streamline it on per month and week basis. If you’re one of our loyal readers, you’ll be part of my judge to access my performance and adherence level.

(The Goal: 100 posts per year = 8posts per month = 2posts per week; one full text content and one text plus infographic content). This is the way I planned to structure post delivery on this site for the year.

As a blogger, it is necessary to develop a calendar on how you publish blog post and keep strictly to it. Your blog reader will appreciate you for it because you’ve given them the opportunity to know the exact time to expect fresh nugget of information.

WordPress has also enhanced the effectiveness of post calendar with the possibility of scheduling post delivery. You can find this function just above the publish button. There, you can set the year, day, month and time you want the post to deliver on the front-end of your website.WordPress Post shedule

However, it is not enough to set goals. You have to push yourself to be committed to it. One sure way to do this is to write them down.

Write your goals per time in a tabular form.

When you do, you’ll be able to remember and recite them, observe and measure the progress and compliance level. Guess what, we make New Year resolutions, but hardly keep to them after maybe 10days or 30days max.


It’s because we failed to write them down in a place where we can be seeing it nearly every time or at least every morning. It is important to read aloud our goal so that it guide and ignite our sense of productivity.

Again, your goals must be able to excite you.

It must be interesting, otherwise the enthusiasm and determination needed to accomplish them may soon dry out with time. So, get emotional about it.

Pin down the benefits you’ll derive from achieving these set goals and get excited. For me, staying consistent with my post calendar will connect me with new clients and greater opportunities. It has always been like that because blog post seems to snowball into inbound marketing.

Below is an infographic that will further enlighten you on how you can achieve your set goals using two powerful weapons.How To Set Achievable Goals

Conclusion: Plan out your strategies by taking a step at a time. Don’t dwell within your comfort zone. Get so excited and emotional to move beyond your horizon, but don’t push beyond your yield point otherwise you’ll breakdown. Know that there is always another time to solve a problem even better.

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Francis 'Toke
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