Your brand should be a well defined model upon which you run your business. It goes beyond logo structure, color combination or design outlook. It should be all encompassing.

The model must revolve around quality service delivery that satisfy the need of your targeted audience and even exceed their expectation. This is what we like to call magic experience.

However, to develop a business that will deliver on this level can be very challenging because it involves lot of planning, research work and strategic positioning for it to run effectively as if it is on autopilot.

For example, to carve out a great selling proposition that sells a brand requires knowing why your prospective customer want your product or services, how they want it, what they really like about it and removing the impediments they don’t want about it. These imply that, your brand must be people oriented.

In bid to achieve this fit, we can easily sway from the principal thing or under-deliver what we promised.

To stay in tuned with brand unique promise which is the core reason why people patronize our business, we have to work on eight things that may hurt our brand. These were pointed out on the infograph below by Creatage

These are the components upon which the brand is built. Study it to make amends if you have strayed from the concept that makes your brand your own.

Francis 'Toke
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