It is now imperative to ascertain the load time of our website in the face of growing competition and the effective online time management engaged by visitor. Statistics show that website visitors don’t wait beyond 4 seconds to have a web page load.

This is particularly aggravated by their desire to connect and socialize with friends and loved ones across social networks let alone the myriad of work schedule waiting for attention.

We therefore face a challenge of quickly presenting our stuffs as fast as possible when we are opportune to get prospective customer turn our way otherwise, they would be forced to look elsewhere.

In the same vein, this phenomenon has a direct relationship with website ranking on search engine because, load time is one of the functions for determining web page rank by search engine algorithm.

So, we have to constantly find ways to speed up our website partly to get the attention of visitors and also become popular within our service community.

However, there are online free tools to check the load time of website and even help to make comparison with competitors and could go further to unveil the aspect of the site that is responsible for slow page load. They are resources to really check out for if indeed we desire online business success.

Below are websites that offer free online website load time check methodologies.

Website Load Time Test Tools

Slowcop                                                                                             LinkVendor

Pingdom                                                                                             WebPagetest

Ping Brigade                                                                                    GTmetrix

iWEBTOOL                                                                                         LOADS.IN

Internet Supervision                                                          

Web Performance                                                                           SITE-PERF.COM

WhichLoadsFaster                                                                         WebSiteOptimization

OctaGate Site Timer                                                                        Webwait

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