Most Pastors do not still understand why their church needs a website. They’ve forgotten that another word for evangelism (which is all about church growth) is marketing. Jesus Christ said I must be found doing my Father’s business.

How would you market your product to your target audience if you do not understand how to catch their attention? The fact remains that technology has taken over virtually every aspect of our daily lives and the earlier we tune to it the better for us and what we do.

It is no longer news that 80% of adult population including youth in Africa does not only know how to browse, but they have internet connection at least on their mobile phone. They use this medium to chat and share content with friends and loved ones all over the world across social media and then, search the net for information they need.

This is where the need for website comes in. Most of the information they share on social media are gotten from website (Somebody somewhere had posted the content before they access it). In the same vein, the information they search on say Google or Yahoo or Bing are products of a well updated websites.

The big question now is how; would people have access to share those great, live changing messages you always roll out across the pulpit in your church?

Oh! Messages on TV or Radio are expensive to run and are less effective if you do not have a website to back it up because of time constraint. Then, your audience is not really targeted and when it does they might not always be fortunate to be available at all time your slot is on.

It is needless to say that handbill have lost its relevance as an effective marketing tool it use to be except those that project a link to a website where people can get detail information at their convenient time.

This is so because people want to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt before they take any step and again, they love convenience. These are some of the things website will offer them at their finger tips.

Beyond all these, there are more reasons why it is imperative to develop a website for your church.

Reasons why website is important for churches

– It brings people to your church because they can find it when they Google it online.

– Church website helps to connect visitors and members even when they are far apart thereby building unity and loyalty within the faith.

– It constantly helps visitors and members stay updated with church activities and events.

– Website can help answer salient questions people may ask about your church. The ‘About us’ can be used for this purpose.

– It can be used to showcase great testimony, Worship, Sermon and choir ministration.

– Church website will help broadcast your message globally no matter the size of the church.

– Website can help your church save lots of money on advertisement that may not reach targeted audience.

– It could be used to store sermon recordings in archive and it is a great way to back-up sermon materials digitally.

– Church website has the capacity to increase church income because people can make payment for tithe, offering, donations and pledges directly on the website even at the convenience of their bedroom.

– A church website provides the opportunity to be on the same page with the youth so as to preach the gospel to them thereby converting them to Christ. So, church website is a medium for evangelism.

Generally, church website has the capacity to influence growth if managed properly.

Conclusion: Church website is a ‘must-have’ in this era where people in faith and those we want to convert are continually enveloped in internet controlled world.

You have to be on the same page with the people you want to reach out to in order to influence and wow them until they give their lives to Christ totally and then the challenge of nurturing them till they are fully matured for kingdom use would be easier and minimal. What do you think?

Francis 'Toke
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