It is not difficult at all to setup a website, so also is not easy to build a high quality website that can attract, engage and convert targeted audience to loyal customer.

You must have heard that it takes less than 5 minutes to get a website running even at no cost especially on free blogging platforms like Blogger,, Wix, etc. This is real and possible.

But, alas! You need to pause and access the websites you know that are doing well on the internet. Look at the websites and the personalities that manage them intently. You’ll discover that they do great work behind the scene to project the success you see.

In the same vein, if you take a look at the number of websites in the World Wide Web compared to those that are successful, you’ll realize that only about 2% are really doing well.

Why? It’s because setting up a website is just a step among myriad processes that are needed to make the website a success. Then most website owners are not ready to give their site the best shot it deserves, yet they have high expectation from it.

There are important ingredients a high quality website that have the capacity to attract and convert audience must possess. These are what the infographic below will point out.

If you want to detach your website from the crowd and make it stand out, this infographic is a must watch. Study the 10 points highlighted and effect those changes on your website.
Qualities Of A Good Website

Francis 'Toke
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