There are numerous blogging platforms that provide great content management software, but WordPress has successfully set the pace in the delivery of modern blogging technology.

How has WordPress maintain this fit in the face of growing blog awareness and the increasing innovation other platforms have being incorporating into their system for effective functionality and performance.

1. Open Source Blog Software: This is about the only main fundamental reason why WordPress metamorphosed into the best blogging platform. Though, the software was originally created by Matt Mullenweg, but because it has enjoyed the contribution of large community of developers who are jointly making WordPress what it is to day and the ‘blog dream’ of tomorrow .

They have helped in developing lots of great add-on like plugins and themes in their thousands, many available free. No blogging platform has enjoy these enormous contribution from the community they serve or any other source for that matter.

2. Customizable and Free: The CMS (Content Management System) software download is free, but for it to function it has to be hosted on a domain server (I mean the .org version). Then, since the platform is an open source system you can modify it to suit your specific needs.

That is why it is possible for developer to come up with scripts and design functions in form of add-on and templates that add beauty to WordPress. Above all, it is simple to install. Some web host provides one click installation sometimes call fantastico.

3. Unlimited Growth Capacity: Because of the enormous contribution of community of developers adding efficiency and optimum performance possibility, and also keeping up with the best tools possible in the world of blogging, people have found it extremely useful to grow their business online.

I use to get new WordPress themes and plugin virtually three times a week. How many blogging platform have that speed and tenacity. Sincerely, blogs hosted on WordPress are in safe hands and with better functionality.

4. Dynamic Presentation: The availability of thousands of themes and plugins make it possible to tweak your blog here and there until you are able to come up with a ‘total sum of whole’ that represent what you want to achieve. Only a dynamic blog software can offer such presentation. Even when you are not satisfied with default templates on WordPress, you can easily get thousands of ready-to-use WordPress compatible templates online.

Most of them are free to download. has it’s specific and dynamic offers even on their free package, but limited in add-on and templates. However, WordPress has clean code base that follows general web standards. This allow WordPress blogs to be compatible with most web browsers that conform with this blogging platform

5. Dynamic Dashboard: WordPress dashboard is arranged in such a way that menu are categorized for easy use and identification. This administrative panel is placed conspicuously on the left side bar for easy navigation. A click on any tool would reveal it’s specific function and a guide on how to scale through.

For instance, if you want to compose a post, you just go to post and click on add new. This will present platform on which to write your post with WYSIWYG and other things you can do. It also come with html component. This is fantastic feature for WP-beginners.

6. SEO Compatible: The greatest reason why I chose WordPress against blogger I started with is the compatibility of WordPress blog to SEO. Let me unveil an experience. I copied a 2 months old post I did on blogger and posted it on blog I newly setup. To by greatest surprise, in less than 5 days the post ranked second on the first page of Google for the optimized keyword.

Blogspot couldn’t make it show up even on the 5th page on Google search. WordPress has SEO structures embed in it platform like creating permalinks, automatic blog ping services, all in one seo pack, pagination and to crown it all, it is user-friendly. All these and many more make WordPress blog pages easily crawled and indexed quickly by search engine spider.

7. Full Support Team: With WordPress, you are sure to get in-dept answers to any question on diverse topics. Forums, FAQ, help pages, web-search engine and co-bloggers on WordPress are places to go for support. Beginners are sure to have all the tools and materials needed to transform their blog to whatever they want at their finger tips.

8. Constant Update: WordPress blog software is constantly updated to newer versions from time to time, keeping the platform fresh and in dept on advance technologies and developments.

More benefits of using WordPress CMS platform

Below is an infographic that will further help you understand the benefits of using WordPress to create your website.The Benefits Of WordPress CMSWordPress is indeed a blogging platform to start a blog especially business website. The site architecture and feature presentation of the blog that would contain our products and services should be able to meet the requirements of standard marketing system. It should embed confidence and reveal professionalism in both outlook and content to gain the trust of targeted audience.

This would invariably generate leads that can be converted to sales. WordPress blog software has these requirements. The blogging platform with the best user experience. Yes, I endorsed it as the best platform to build your website. It can only get better.

Francis 'Toke
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