The setting up of Facebook business page whether for small business venture or personal brand involvement should be the first step towards creating tangible awareness across social networks.

Facebook has successfully created the lead among social media channels as the pathfinder going by the population of consistent and loyal users who have found it useful to interact, share and connect with friends, family, business associates and people of like minds.

These prospective customers, when properly integrated as ‘fans’ can help double sales because, they have the capacity to influence the perception of their friends and family towards our products and services. This type of environment is a fertile ground to explore concentrated marketing initiatives that is aimed at generating lead.

To cap it all, Facebook is helping in facilitating and accelerating this drive by providing platforms such as Facebook page, with lots of applications and resources which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible incorporating in any other place, be it website, blog or micro-blogs. facebook

It is therefore expedient for business oriented ventures to have Facebook page dedicated for interacting with clients, create product awareness, brand innovation and presentations and also generates feedback. What is even a Facebook page.

What is a Facebook page
Facebook page is that specialized single but dynamic and brand-able page that can be created on Facebook domain after signup for an account.

This page allows in-depth customization through diverse form of channels and applications to reflect unique brand for business, organization, celebrity or band aimed at connecting and interacting with fans or clients and prospective customers.

The platform tend to get attracted by community of people that found them interesting, useful, appealing or derive needed services or simply for the fun of it.

For instance, Lady Gaga Facebook page has rose to more than 53M likes while coca-cola is in excess of 46M. Lady Gaga is known for her creative stage performance and been herself while coca-cola is a brand people love in terms of taste and refreshing potential.

So, Facebook page is a place where brand presence can be measured in terms of performance and popularity. In line with this, small businesses have found it useful to connect with prospective customers and interact with clients and business associates while also generating feedback on product launch and development.

More so, the resources and tools available on Facebook page makes it versatile to really create brand equivalence relation that reflects organization core value with the aim of generating traffic that could be nurtured  and converted to unique customer. The main target is to engage and grow audience through dynamic content mechanism.

It also has well structured SEO embed on the entire page couple with features that enhance visibility like customizable applications, creative about page box, cover photo, message box, activity segment, website link, comment and share boxes, like invite button etc.

It is really an aberration for blogger and business owner seeking out marketing channel to ditch this valuable opportunity. And it is FREE.

Now, how do we make a Facebook page for business. Before I answer that question, lets look at why we should consider creating Facebook page for business purposes and not Facebook group because, they both seems to serve the same purpose i.e to connect, interact and share.

Facebook Page Vs Facebook Group
Facebook page and Facebook group are both available platforms on Facebook that primarily serve as points of connecting, interacting and sharing contents just as individual Facebook account does.

But each has it’s specific resources tied to their peculiar functionality. Lets look at their differences in terms of function and resources.

Functions/Resources  Groups  Pages
Mass messaging   Yes   No
Stream publishing   Yes   No
Targeted stream posts   No   Yes
Targeted updates   No   Yes
Indexed by Google   Yes   Yes
Support for applications   No   Yes
Membership restrictions   Yes   No
Event inbox messaging   Yes   No
Engagement metrics   No   Yes
Promotional widgets   No   Yes
Vanity urls   No   Yes
Adverts   Yes   Yes
Social ADS publicity connection of fans   No   Yes
Personal account connection   Yes   No
Unlimited growth rate   No   Yes

From the above analysis, it can be categorically stated that Facebook group allows for quick mass discussions, but limited in growth and expansion while Facebook page is good for targeting audience, enhance wider visibility and has more tools for social engagement for long term purposes.

So, organization or business seeking long term and deeper engagement with clients and audience should create a Facebook business page instead of Facebook group.

How can we make a Facebook page for our business to gain market exposure and optimize it for website traffic . Contact us  should you want to create a Facebook page. We shall be happy to build one for you. Be the best you can be.

Francis 'Toke
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