I know you must have read articles on how to drive traffic to your website, but why are those methods not working on your website as professed? The truth is that there is a core secret that is fundamental to all methods associated with website traffic.

This is the part I would like to dwell on because it is not that those tactics are not working, but there is more to it than meets the eyes.

After all, professional bloggers are using the same tactics and they are getting good result. So, why would you not get at least a reasonable result for your effort?

The only barrier I found out is that people (some bloggers and site owners) don’t really understand each method thoroughly and so therefore failed to apply them appropriately.

That was too broad and harsh, right? Okay, I’ll use myself as a case study.

One of the 40 ways of increasing website traffic expressed on the infographic below by YourEscapeFrom9To5 (job) is: ‘Target audience that can share your content‘.

Great! But the big question is how do I know the right audience that can share my content?

In bid to answer the question, I dive straight to Google Analytics to see who have been sharing my content and from which state and country. I note down the result.

Then, I tried to find out which social media platform they interact the most and at what time and day. My greatest surprise was to found out they use Facebook the most. And I have been sharing links and promoting post on this platform for some time, but never for once targeted this specific group.

Now, since I was armed with this important information, I went straight to our Facebook page and boost a post. But I made sure I targeted the range of countries and people I’d found resonate best with my posts.

The results were amazing. The post generated 432 likes within 2 days at a daily budget of $1 (one dollar).Facebook traffic result
None of the previous posts had come anything close to 10% of this result.

Why? Because I have not been following the secret rules. Sincerely, nobody will tell you this part. You just have to think it out by yourself. The other thing is that audience differs and that is why no two websites are the same. What works for you may not necessarily pull the same effect on my site.

Again, you don’t just share content or links on Facebook. It is expedient you follow set of guidelines that would make the post catch the attention of your targeted audience. Such as adding compelling image, text composition, time of post, etc.

Check below the post that pulled the above result to see what I’m trying to say.Facebook stats

You can see that there is more to the method of getting traffic through ‘targeting people that can share your content’.

Okay, another method says, ‘write like you talk‘. I know you must have noticed a conversational tone on this post. This is an art every blogger should imbibe because that is when your audience will be able to understand and assimilate the solution you’re trying to proffer.

“Every blogger is an instructor that teaches solution to a perceived problem”Tweet This

Other methods include On-page optimization techniques, email list building, backlink strategies, traffic source analysis, and so on. Get the comprehensive list on the infographic below sourced from Professional bloggers of repute.

Just know that you must dig deeper to understand how and when to apply each techniques to drive traffic to your website.

Note: It is never a good idea to direct traffic to your site without putting in place a conversion model. So, ensure almost every part of your site is capable of capturing lead that can be funnel through the part of conversion.

Francis 'Toke
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