There are so many free web tools you can’t imagine could be use for website maintenance purposes. Some can even help to make delegated work clearer and precise. These are part of the tools we have used and testify to their efficiency.

They are very simple and easy to use. We also advise our clients to try them out and mark the difference. We’ll discuss a few that are most relevant for website maintenance.

1. Rank checker for Firefox: It is expedient to know where your website ranks on search engine. This tool will let you know just by typing the URL of any website you want to check. It’s good for monitoring how site progress on SERP.

2. Linkstant: This tool let you discover new links that point to your website as soon as they are generated. Good for link building monitoring and for quickly correcting links with anchor text that can raise red flag on Google.

3. Robots.txt checker: Having trouble with page index? Why not check if your robot.txt is validated. If not it can stop search engine spider from crawling your web pages effectively.

4. Anchor text over optimizer checker: Quickly and easily identify links with over optimized anchor text that are capable of causing keyword dilution and therefore risk your effort to rank for the keyword.

5. Domain Hunter Plus: Website maintenance should include checking for broken links. This tool help you check this and also let you know if the domain the links came from actually exist or still available. It has the capacity to crawl hundreds of links on a page.

Each of the broken links is synchronized with SEOMOZ data to show the number of broken links to that page and the domain.

6. Google or Bing Webmaster Tools: When you want to diagnose any known problem associated with either inbound or outbound links, this tool is your best bet. It has diverse resources that would no doubt be helpful to your website maintenance effort.

7. Google Page Speed Insight: Page load time is known to affect rank on SERP. Audience also quickly find alternative to website that take too long to load no matter how strong the attraction. If you feel this is not good for business, then this tool is a must-have because it analyzes a web page and gives suggestions on how to improve the load time.

8. Mailtester: Sometimes we may have to verify the authenticity of email address to be sure it really exists. This tool does it better.

9. Share Count: Share count will show you the extent a URL has gone viral across major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

10. Google Analytics: This is an indispensable tool that gives you comprehensive reports on the traffic that come to your website, where they come from, and their movement within your site, the conversion process, the bounce rate and so much more.

Tools that make delegated tasks on website maintenance job simple, clear and understandable.

Text sometimes may be limited to covey enough information needed for proper understanding of a task especially where detail description is required to arrive at the exact precision.

Visuals tend to aid text in this regard. Sending job for web maintenance requires details to prevent delay associated with multiple messages just to understand a task. Below are tools we recommend for our clients.

screenshot1. Web page screenshot for Firefox: This tool will grab any web page and also give you additional image editing functionalities. You can use it to grab any section of your site where you want us to work on and then include text of what you want us to do in any specific areas. Read the full documentation here.



2. TechSmith Jing tools: This tool is my best bet when it comes to explaining multiple tasks or an aspect of a project vividly. This tool provides the opportunity to record, capture or segment, edit and even record speech while producing a video. It also created a platform where the video could be hosted.

All you need do is provide a link to the video you created. And the tool sits right at the top of your desktop giving easy access whenever you want to use it. TechSmith Jing tool is really an invaluable resource for creating video and short tutorials.

Conclusion: These are indispensable web tools that will help you simplify the task of maintaining your website constantly and the last two will help ease-off the stress of making your point clear when delegating responsibility or assigning work on specific areas of your site.

Should you know any other tools that could be used for site maintenance work, don’t hesitate to share it in the comment box below.

Francis 'Toke
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