It is not really easy to get noticed in a noisy environment, but you can create an unusual voice that would stand out from the crowd. There are tricks needed to create this unusual noise on twitter platform that will get noticed and the result is more twitter followers.

Why is it necessary to get more followers on twitter?

It can increase lead and sales: The number of people that come across your product or services has a direct impact on both your brand and turn-over. As a business concern, the rate of sales conversion depends greatly on the number of lead generated.

It would build your authority: More followers mean a perceived expert on a chosen industry on which contents are showcased. It also qualifies recipient as a social entity.

It widens the reach of content shared: The extent of content spread is determined by the number of followers. Guessed you’ll desire your great ideas reach millions of people.

These reasons seem to be of great importance to both individual seeking to build a community and corporate organization desiring online presence to market their products and services. How do we increase our twitter followers?

Tricks to get more twitter followers

Connect people with your picture: Make sure a profile picture has been uploaded. The picture should represent your best image possible. People consider twitter account without a profile image as spammer hence, would not like to connect with them even when they are the first to follow.

Post frequently: It is essential to post frequently on twitter to keep the noise going, but do not flood your followers feed with worthless information. The frequency of post should be determined by the number of valuable links you feel would be interest and beneficial to your followers. Sometimes, I post up to 20 links a day.

Reweet others’ post link of value: This is base on the cliché that says; do unto others as you want them do unto you. Apart from this, it is a good service to spread across board something you find interesting.

Make it easy to retweet your post: Ensure you do not exceed the 140 character limit including spaces and the possibility of adding @your username. Just don’t beg people to retweet your update. It would come naturally when you post links that are useful, valuable and interesting.

Optimize your bio data: Let your bio data contain your niche keywords, concisely phrased into a complete sales pitch. This would attract a click on the URL provided to your website, blog or an about page.

Link to a custom about page: Since you are limited to 140 characters, it is therefore necessary to direct followers or visitors to your about page either the one specially created for twitter or the main well structured about page. This page should be strong enough to capture leads from twitter.

Ensure post contents are valuable and interesting: No one wants to be clustered with irrelevant information. Twitter is like a group discussion on diverse but related topics. The people with cogent points draw more attention from the group. So, make sure you add value to your followers in the content shared with them. It could be as easy as breaking news first heard from you or as fun and entertaining as a newly discovered recipe in a restaurant down town.

Engage less promotional links: Care must be taken when posting links that are promotional in nature. You don’t have to post about your blog posts or affiliate links all the time. If your twitter updates are characterized by this, you might soon begin to lose follower instead of gaining more. Spread out these links among natural posts say in ratio 5:1, i.e. 5 useful post update to a promotional link.

Follow people with similar interest: It is a good idea to follow people in your industry, niche or with similar interest. This has greater affinity for a reciprocate gesture because like minds flow well. Also, you might find something worthwhile that would generally enhance your productivity. You can use Advance search on twitter to find related people.

Reply people (followers) publicly: I’ve always thought it’s better to be discreet in replying followers, especially new followers. So, I use DM to do that. Not until recently I began to see reasons why it should be done openly. If I reply a follower openly, the people that follow us will see the message.

This extends the reach of the message and creates opportunity for more followers if the message is neatly written, specific and straight to the point. There could be exceptional cases to this submission. In all, the privacy of the recipient must be accurately protected.

I suspect there could be other ways in which we can attract more followers on twitter. These are the things I do to get more followers. You can let me know in the comment box below your secret formula for gaining more twitter followers.

Francis 'Toke
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