We are now living in the mobile era where business owner must include mobile experience into website setup in order to reach wider customer base. There are highly rated WordPress plugins, most of which are free that can help optimize the mobile version of your WordPress powered website or blog.

The number of people that use mobile devices to access the internet will account for as much as 50% of the total number of people that browse the internet by 2014. There are facts and statistics that reveal the sporadic way people connect with product and services through mobile phone which necessitate the need to optimize website for mobile.

# Google Mobile Study: 25% of total search volume performed is done via mobile phone.
# Mobile Movement: About 77% of mobile users interact and connect with friends and family on social sites and also use mobile search engine.
# Digby: 60% of customer now use mobile search before embarking on purchase.
# Customer Search: 51% of prospective customer would have made a purchase if they can link retail store on their mobile site. But only 5% of businesses currently have mobile website that is functional and user experience centered.

Nine out of ten searches done on mobile phone end with an action! All these indicate a transition from traditional use of desktop way of connecting with brands online to a sophisticated use of mobile devices that have been configured to be more users specific in result delivery. The time to setup your site for mobile access is now if you are a website owner.

Fortunately, WordPress have plugins that can handle the job for you without having to edit or mingle with any code. Also, they work in consonance with most search engine recommendations for mobile setup especially Google.
Just download and install any of the plugin that appeal to your need and then activate it within admin panel.

WordPress Plugin For Mobile Website Setup.

1. Duda Mobile Website Builder
Converts website to mobile-friendly site
Retains the original look and feel of site
It optimize website for all smart phones
It is mobile SEO friendly
It work with both Google analytics and Adsense

2. Mobstac WordPress Mobile
Have multiple themes
Load faster
Support ad network
Support over 5000 mobile devices
Incorporate site analytics

3. WordPress Multi site Mobile
It has normal and multi-site mode
Make use of Carrington mobile theme design
Suitable for WP3+
No coding is required
Synchronize automatically with WordPress site

4. WP Mobile
Mobile switcher
XML site generator
SEO friendly
Best cache support
Available in other languages- English (default), Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

5. WP MobilePress
Different themes for low and high end mobile devices
Simple installation
SEO friendly
No coding required
Support Google Adsense

6. WordPress Mobile Pack
Mobile switcher
Ad widget integration
Devise adaptation- rescale images, simplify styles, intelligent splitting of posts into multiple pages and removal of non-supported media.
Separate Admin panel
Custom color variations

7. WPtourch
Support ajax loading articles
In-depth customization
Load faster
Mobile switcher
SEO friendly

It is important to know that desktop and mobile way of creating user experience differs so are their expectations. For instance, mobile users do not want to scroll before they get what they look for while on desktop, they could continue to click with the hope of getting close to the information they need.

It is permitted to showcase your entire store front with all the necessary brand effect you can get, but mobile setup is a complete opposite. The slightest minimum information is required to create magnetic experience on mobile users. To get the best out of your mobile site therefore, you need to completely optimize it to target mobile visitors from SEO point of view and design structures.

Ways to optimize mobile site
# Include only the most needed information.
# Place your call-to-action buttons or icons on the top left.
# Limit link deep to just two clicks
# The length of links should be short
# Create a link in a prominent location that can be used to switch to your regular site should visitors want to access it.

Mobile users are real king when it comes to satisfying their need because, the competition is high. A single bad experience would make them switch completely to your competitor.

So, it is not enough to convert your WordPress website to mobile site with these plugins, you have to go a step further to optimize it for the best user experience possible. And the end result would be more traffic and more satisfied customer.

What is your thought line on this and which other WordPress plugins do you know is good for mobile site that is not mentioned here?

Francis 'Toke
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