You surely want your website to rank #1 on popular search engine like Google for your product keywords. The starting point is to understand Google ranking factors.

These are the parameters they use to scale the performance of websites on World Wide Web before determining where to rank each of them for specific search term. Google uses spiders or bots to crawl the content and internal structures of websites perfectly and then draw inferences with great precision through diverse combination of software’s bonded together within their algorithm.

It is however necessary if not imperative to understand how and the metrics Google uses to measure the content on your website before determining where to rank them on SERP. You need to take this with utmost seriousness if you must take advantage of the traffic it can direct to your site.

Other reasons why it is important to know these ranking factors

– Google is the preferred and the most used search engine among searchers with more than 5.7 billion searches conducted daily. So much so that a name was carved for it by users as a result of its efficiency- Google it.

– Google is where your potential customers go to when they need your product or services. Hence, you have to do everything possible for them to see you there.

– It will help you know what to do and how to go about them for your website to rank better on SERP.

– It will enhance your knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tremendously.

– It guides you on how to outsource SEO job for your website and how to measure result.

– It can enhance your website chances of ranking higher on other search engines because most search engines use Google as portal to display their search result.

You can see that there is a need for you to know these ranking factors. Great!

However, Google has not really revealed these ranking factors par say, but they use to give clues occasionally through one of their principal staffs- Matt Cutts. They try by all means to keep the core mechanism that drives their algorithm secret from everyone for fear of breaking and exploiting it.

I guess they do this to protect their brand. (Won’t you do the same to protect the brand you labored hard to build? This same reason is why Coca Cola and other big brands are still keeping their spec secret till this day).

Nevertheless, Single Grain and Backlink0 were able to put together about 200 Google ranking factors they were privileged to get on the infographic below. They went further to categorize them under sub-heads for easy understanding.

Some of the categories are: Domain, Page-level, Site-level, Backlink, User attraction, Social signal, etc.

Study it, digest it and refer to it whenever you want to update your site. It is practically impossible to observe all these rules.
Fortunately, the rules are not base on miss one fail all either.

Just do your best to keep to most of the factors because they actually work together to give your site the boost that will make it rank better on SERP for your targeted keywords.Google Ranking factors

Francis 'Toke
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