I stumble on the secret DVD from a friend and I quickly order for one because, I wanted to really understand what it’s all about and the art of making money it profess.

I soon discovered it’s more than what I thought it was. Simply put, it is a program of empowerment beyond ordinary from God (the Creator) himself, bringing to fore the hidden power that lies dormant in the life of man.

If you really want to change your circumstance from whatever level you think you are to the best your mind can conceive, this is the secret you need whether in business, relationship, career, goal setting or anything you want to achieve. The keys are there for you.

I first applied it to my finances. I used the formula thought by Jack Canfield. I wrote on a piece of paper, I want N500, 000= in thirty days (between Jan. 6th – Feb.7th). At that time, I had less than N2, 000=. For three weeks, nothing happened. It seems I was even impoverished the more. But, within me I had confidence and inner joy living in the fantasy of the things I will use the money for.
Guess what, valentine was fast approaching. I was high. About four days before the deadline date, I received a call to supply some items (A4 Paper in cartoons) in a bank. When I checked the proceed that will accrue to me, it was nothing close to the amount I wanted. Yet, within me I was so determined and enthusiastic to make the supply. 

When I eventually supplied the papers, behold on the desk of the bank’s Purchases Manager is a bundle of five wraps of crisp thousand naira notes. That was the exact money I wanted. Soon my mind told me, though that is not your money but, if you can see it, you can have it and you have seen it, you will have it. I did not have the money within the set time.

A week after, I began to receive calls and e-mails for purchase of bulk SMS credit on my bulk SMS website which I had advertised to people long ago. I made a profit of N358, 200= When I realized the amount I’ve made, I said whoa! So, The Secret works. Since then, I have been using it to set goals and the result has been wholesome.

The Secret works. It largely depends on your mindset and how well you flow with the laws. The laws can’t change remember, but you can change (as a dynamic nature) in accordance with the flow of the laws and it ‘WILL’ work for you like miracle.

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If you so wish, you may download FREE MP3 version of ‘The Secret’ by clicking on the above image. The pack is heavy. You can do something else while downloading. The result you’ll get shall definitely worth the while at the end of the day. Dare to be the best!

Image Credit: cashflowrealtor

Francis 'Toke
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