Business owners are beginning to see the relevance and importance of blog to the success of business marketing drive. Especially in this era of technological advancement, business globalization, unwavering interest of prospective customer to internet usage and the provision of wider range of choice available to customers.

All these culminated to increase the need for effective online marketing that blog can provide. Below are 7 reasons that reveal why blog is important to business success.

Blogs are search Engine friendly. Most blog software have incorporated search engine optimization (SEO) basics into their platform. For instance, blog automatically link posts/pages and use relevant keywords in URL (Uniform Resource Locator), title and meta tag of pages. This boast page ranking, indexing and crawl rate from search engine perspective.

Well organized. Blogs are well organized even automatically from content archiving to category and inbuilt search tags. These are all incorporated in the template. Posts and pages are arranged chronologically in reverse order as they are polished. This aid easy navigation between contents with recent update at the top.

Online community. Blogs have a special comment box that facilitate interactivity between blog owner and audience/readers thereby generating unique content relevancy. This facility gives blog an edge over traditional website.

Built-in RSS. Really Simple Syndicate. They have rss that distribute recent content to several search engines. RSS Feed can also be installed for readers to subscribe to content updates via email.

Easy to setup. Blog is really easy to setup and run effectively. All that is needed is to register your domain name, get good hosting company and install the blog software and start posting contents. Templates and plugins that add color and glamor to blog are available in their hundreds. Most are even free. So also, their are free blog platforms that take just few minutes to setup.

Business model. Business or product and service can be branded and given unique look through constant updates, reviews and then, generates effective feedback from audience and customers.

Post sharing across social networks. This is a potent form of online marketing. A resource that qualifies blog as an effective marketing channel.

If you desire a blog for your business, you can learn how to build beautiful website now. It would teach you all you need to know about it and how to set it up yourself. Should you have any question or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Be the best.

Francis 'Toke
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