Have you been wondering why most of the online shoppers that made it to your ecommerce website did not move past the checkout page, but abandon lots of items or products in the shopping cart?

If that is the case, you’re really not alone because according to a research by Baymard Institute (a web research) about 68.53% of online shoppers fail to complete the purchase transaction due to so many reasons that point to poor usability.

Part of which could be;

– Poor user experience

– Product image not clear and visible

– Site navigation not intuitive

– Product copy not compelling enough to attract click

– Site security issues

– Slow page load issue

– Site Crash

– And so on

Below are more reasons why online shoppers abandon cart and the corresponding degree of impact. (Composed by Statista)

Reasons for online shopping cart abandonmentBut in your case, you’ve made extra effort to ensure all these issues are perfectly tackled yet the sales you get does not in any way commensurate to your site traffic. Something must definitely be wrong! So you thought. Yeah! And the main culprit could be the checkout page.

However, it is expedient to carry out A/B split test in order to ascertain the performance of a new design and copy alteration over another.

Data driven inferences are far better, realistic and dependable than mere feelings and guess work. A little tweak here and there could make a whole lot of difference and eventually produce huge sales.

If you want to change your checkout page design outlook making it easier for shoppers to use, I advise you study the infographic below by VWO titled ‘The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page’ for inspiration.

Just don’t forget to test, test and test. After which you can stick to the best performing option. Remember, no two website with the same design concept or sales copy can ever perform the same because their audience perception and behavioral pattern differs.

Francis 'Toke
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