Traffic or sales reduction or outright lose of same has been the number one formidable consideration whenever there is a need to redesign a website. This fear has made so many website owners keep ugly looking old design even when the content are fresh, engaging and exciting. They find solace in the slogan that says ‘content is king.’

Yes, that submission is not debatable, but current trend has shown that beauty and usability are important ingredients needed in web design to attract ever busy online audience. These factors (beauty & usability) also play major role in conversion optimization process.

So, how can we redesign our website in the starring reality of:
– Likelihood of increasing error 404 (dead link) because of haphazard or distorted permalink structure.
– Navigation problems resulting from shift of position.
– Audience adaptation to the new website.
– Time lag for the new design to go live.
– Keyword priority, meta title re-organisation and so on.

The infographic below by Quick Sprout will show you how to do web redesign smoothly and perfectly without losing the traffic you have taken time and resources to build.

Conclusion: You now know that it is possible to redesign your website without losing sleep. But, in case you find this hard to do, you can request our website redesign services to help you with the task.

However, there would always be need to redesign a website because change is inevitable. The design that is trendy today will become obsolete tomorrow and it is expedient to move with time if you desire to remain in business. What do you think?

Francis 'Toke
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