I was dumb founded when I discovered I could actually get premium WordPress theme from best, leading and trusted theme companies for less than a dollar. Just not kidding. Before now I use to buy theme for an average price of $40. What an exorbitant price difference compared to my new discovery.

I guess often times; the high price tag on most premium WordPress themes out there could have been responsible for why bloggers and some business website resort to free WordPress themes even when they have the pre-knowledge of its vast limitations in terms of design and structural outlook for professional attraction. Do I just hear you say there are free premium WordPress themes around in there thousands? All you need do is to Google it.

Why you should not go for free premium themes.
Yes, there are thousands of free premium WordPress themes you can download freely, but I tell you they are poison coated with honey. The first attendant problem you’ll have to deal with is that you have just created a loop hole for legitimate hack on your website.

Then, this type of theme won’t ever come with complete features (as advertised) that would make it functional and presentable. Free premium themes lack the needed structural packages that makes theme durable and unique like periodic update, support, PSD file, etc.

You can see that free theme whether premium or not is not the way to go if you desire uniqueness and optimal security.
Let’s pause for a while and dissect this question. Why would you get free themes when you know where to get premium themes for less than a dollar with no hidden charges whatsoever? I bet no excuse on this except;

– You don’t know how to get it.
– You don’t even know such price package exists.
– Probably skeptical about the deal.
– You don’t want to spend a dime on theme.

Nevertheless, you’ll be at advantage if you give it a try just as I’m enjoying it with my clients as website designer. Should you make up your mind to get a new theme that would not cost a head and hand, below are places where you can get cheap premium theme with good deals.

How to get cheap premium WordPress themes.
There are well established theme developers that allow free access to all the themes in their portfolio. To be used by their clients or members any way they want to use them. Apart from this, they offer premium support should you need help that would aid in-depth customization along with up-to-date documentation and help pages. Also, you have access to newly developed themes and most theme companies add an average of two new themes per month.

All they require from you is to sign up and then pay a token as yearly subscription. The amount you pay depend on the theme company. By the time you divide what you pay by the total number of available themes, you’ll discovered that a theme actually goes for less than a dollar most time.

Links to cheap premium WordPress themes

Themes Company Theme Unit Price Available Themes
Elegant Theme
CSS Igniter
Obox Design
Theme Junky
Studio Press
WP Zoom
Viva Themes
Org. Themes
Color Labs
Graph Paper
Themes Kgdm

Won’t you rather jump on this offer? What do you think?
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