Twitter has metamorphosed from mere used to facilitate prompt customers support services to brand promotions. The survey conducted by Market Probe international reveals how your twitter followers have being helping your business grow in customer base.

The research captured 500 respondents of over 18 years of age who follow small and medium businesses on twitter. The inference developed from the survey shows that we have to begin to connect our brands with our twitter followers and then proactively increase follower-ship in order to expand our market coverage.

Below are some of the stats from the survey and our proposed inferences.

The rate at which business connect with twitter followers
72% followers are more likely to buy from you
85% followers feel more connected with SMBs after following them.
61% follow SMBs in order to interact i.e. share ideas and provide feedback .

Again, 73% follow to get update on future product.

This is the power of connection on targeted audience. To maximize this relationship, we need to provide information that is tailored to their specific needs as it relates to our brands or products or services. We also have to respond as quickly as possible to feed-backs and ideas shared so as to make them feel important and truly connected because they are the king indeed.

Maximize your market coverage
When your twitter followers are satisfied with your brand, they can further help you grow your follower base by the magnitude revealed in the following stats:
86% twitter users are more likely to visit SMBs if a friend recommends them.
30% followers are more likely to recommend others after following or interacting with SMBs.

It therefore implies that we have to find ways of getting the right followers so as to increase our customer base profitably.

How to get the right followers
The best ways to go about this is to engage in ad with our twitter handle and then promote tweets about our products and services. The follow stats attest to this:
34% said they interacted with SMBs after seeing an advert with their twitter handle.
32% said they are more likely to visit an SMBS after seeing a promoted tweet from their that relates to their interest or needs.

The Infographictwitter followers small and medium businessesWon’t you take a look at your twitter business account and see how you can further strengthen the relationship between your brand and its followers?

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Francis 'Toke
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