The creation and maintenance of website for consistent and dynamic presentation of content and brand design need code validation to ensure maximum compliance to web standards. It is important to do this check especially when a site has just been created or major restructuring or maintenance is done. Website/blog are designed and formulated on HTML or CSS.

There are high possibilities of sincere error or omission in configuration that need to be checked, corrected or reconfigure. Because, this code need to conform with the general provision of internet standard. The browser that present our site to audience or prospective customers upon request function upon this standards and these browsers have varied error correction mechanism.

The fact that a site load well on a browser does not necessarily mean it would load the same way across every other browsers. And when a website has HTML or CSS errors, it would naturally rely on the inbuilt correction process of the browser used at any given time and this will definitely cause haphazard site presentation and sometimes total breakdown. This can be avoided by seeking to validate the coding structure of our site.

Doing this shall make the site user friendly thereby maximizing and increasing generation of lead and smooth conversion process. However, this does not mean your site has major problem. Just as it is important to check site compatibility across browser, so it is expedient to ensure compliance to general web standards.
There are online tools that can help do this validation. Here are about three of them that validate HTML, XHTML, CSS or RSS feeds.

Online Website Validation Tools

HTML Validation Service

 HTML Validation Service

This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

CSS Validation Service

CSS Validation Service

Feed Validator

Feed Validator for Atom and RSS

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