In this super-saturated competitive market, their appear to be no sure way to grow business better than the current norm. It is also surprising to know that business brands are compromising unique selling proposition to stay afloat.

Trend are giving way making it almost impossible to have a well define strata as to how business growth should be formulated.

But, if indeed buyers are the king, then business transactions should begin to incorporate how customers would be treated as such. One way to make customer feel like a king is by creating magic experience in the course of their buying circle.

Magic experience is giving more than what a customer deserve and least expected. When this is done on regular basis, sweet memories that linger is created in their mind and they would have the feeling that you genuinely care.

The benefits of creating magic experience in business

– It guarantees repeated patronage and sales

– New customers are easily transformed to loyal customers

– They would become your most effective and powerful free walking talking advertisement.

– Customers are happy, knowing they are in safe and competent hands.

– They will persistently remember your brand.

These are some of the factors that enhance business growth beyond expectation. It is important to harness this magic experience mechanism into marketing so that it would appear embedded in business operation and happen naturally.

Even in the course of lead nurturing process, magic experience should be created. One that would make prospective customer stick around the brand getting hooked till the buying time.

Sincere interest in the need of customer and genuine willingness to serve are major ingredient to going the extra mile to satisfy customer. Give gifts that cost you little, but mean a lot to your customer. The little things don’t mean a lot, they mean everything.

Francis 'Toke
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