The process of choosing the best web hosting company for your site can be very tempting and exhaustive even after reading reviews about them online.

You know, you need a web host that will provide the server that will contain the files needed to build your website. And these files must be made available anytime they are requested. So, you must take your time to look for a hosting company that is able to deliver on this efficiently.

The vast majority of these web host providers are available at your beck and call, offering mind bulging prices with great features some of them may not actually be able to live up to. This makes it exceptionally difficult to know which one should be selected to host your business website.

Again, the best among them could be very expensive to work with at least for small businesses and start-ups on low budget. You also do not want to sacrifice quality for low price.

That would mean gross sabotage on the long run. But you earnestly need a kind of host that can take you by the hand as you grow and expand your online business.

Making inquiries on the authenticity and effectiveness of the web packages and services they offer is as important as narrowing down the specific need of your site.

Below are the factors you should consider before choosing a web host.webhosting

1. How effective is the support services/man power

In every operation or system, there bound to be unforeseen circumstances that would warrant the input of an expert. The effectiveness of a web host is in the speed with which they respond to complaint from customers.

Although you may not expect to get full service support when you buy cheap hosting packages/plan between 3–5 dollar/month because, man hour of an expert is not cheap.

Most web hosting site incorporate forum, help pages and FAQs as medium for customers to get solution to problems. This may not be much of a problem for a web savvy individual. However, it is far better to choose a web host that care and respond promptly to customer complaints via live chat or direct phone calls.

2. How reliable is their server

A reliable hosting company will ensure your products or services reach target audience anytime they request for it. This is particularly important for business growth.

The overall site performance depends greatly on the reliability and efficiency of the company that manage your web server. How does their service delivery match with what they promised or advertised?

Most of them will promise 99.9% and unlimited bandwidth which may either be too much for some site to notice sabotage or too vague a promise to keep on others.

3. Uptime requirement

As much as uptime is important it however varies with hosting plan and cost. Uptime means the guaranteed time your site will be available to visitors. A shared hosting plan tends to have lower uptime while dedicated server has much higher uptime guarantee.

You can use Pingdom to monitor the downtime of your website.

4. Give cheap hosting plan a deep second thought

It is not advisable to run or host a site intended for business or marketing purposes under a cheap hosting plan because of its attendant problems like uptime/breakdown issues, delayed customer service and insufficient bandwidth provision. These can hurt the overall success of the site.

A new or personal blog with low traffic can still survive under this type of plan anyway, but plan must be underway to upgrade as the site grow bigger and increase in traffic.

5. Maximize online research

The best place to evaluate the performance of a web host is on web hosting forums and reviews. Use search engine to look for as many reputable hosting forums you can get.

Join in the discussion by asking all the questions that would enable you gauge the performance of the hosting company you have in mind.

Maintain an open mind so that you’ll be objective when choosing the web host that you eventually feel satisfies all your requirements.

You may also read web hosting reviews so as to fully understand the strength and weaknesses of your preferred web host. Look out for the time they’ve been in business, their disaster recovery policy, rate of customer service delivery, uptime & load time issues, etc.

Below is an infographic by Web Hosting Secret Revealed that highlighted 15 questions you should ask before deciding which web hosting company should host your business website.

If you do not still have a specific hosting company in mind, you can get a clue from this web hosting sites we compiled.

It’s expected that you’ll be fully equipped and guided to choose a befitting web host for your website or blog.

Should you have specific questions, additions or need our assistance in any way, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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