What does it mean to demystify Adwords? You might want to ask, I presumed. It’s simply to breakdown the meaning of Adwords in the simplest and most understandable form possible.

You must have been familiar with this word if you’re online marketer. Let me define it for the sake of people who may not know what Adwords is all about.

What is Adwords?

Adwords is one of Google products that place advert of your business on Google search engine and its affiliated websites through keyword bidding that target specific audience within a particular geographical location for optimal performance. It is a paid advertisement that operates on two major plans called ‘Cost Per Click’ (CPC) and Cost Per Impression’ (CPM).

It can be difficult to understand the keyword to target for a particular audience because the term searched for by targeted audience varies so widely and the negotiating parameter is not constant. You therefore tend to thread with caution to get the best result in terms of ROI.

Some believed that the higher the quality score, the lower the CPC while in some quarters they rather target phrase match keywords than broad match keywords.

Even as a professional blogger, we know the importance of keyword targeting for optimal post performance on both search engine and social media sites. That’s why we try to optimize our post title tag and meta data.

In all the options ever suggested, there seems to be no clear or direct way of application for the best result because there are so many variables to consider.

However, MediaWorks tried to demystify this seemingly hard to break rules about Adwords through an infographic they developed on it. I hope it help you put some rules in perspective whenever you want setup a campaign with Adwords.
Demystify Adwords

Francis 'Toke
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