I’ve always subscribe to the poll that believe image on blog post is as important as the post itself. The two most valuable assets any blogger have to grab the attention of ever in a hurry audience are strong title and captivating image. These are the key elements they will first see on blog post before they decide to scan through the content.

Between the image and the title, the image has the strongest pull on emotion because of the size and power of attraction and quick assimilation.

True or False?

To attest to this claim, virtually all social media site now encourage users to attach at least a photo on their status update. This invariably explains why posts with compelling image get shared more than those without.

If the above submissions are true, then we must find a way to create great images for our blog post and content in a way that will make them appealing to the reading appetite of our audience.

The infographic below will help enlightened us on what to do, where and how to get good image and much more.How To Get Image For Blog PostImage Credit: Hubspot

Francis 'Toke
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