This is an ecommerce website we built using woocommerce plugin on WordPress.

Aveda Global Store deals in all kinds of branded perfumes. The prices are so affordable to the extent that you can get N200 perfume on their site. Though, the free delivery package has a preset minimum.

The major focus of the site is the ability to quickly search for perfume of your choice, check availability, easy payment platform and navigation.

We also ensure the site is user-friendly with tabs, forms and carts intuitively positioned for easy access.

Product magnifier was installed for enlarged product view. Notification is also sent via email whenever customer orders a product. This will confirm their order and the probably day of delivery.

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The company’s contact person info is included for quick reach. These we ensure we do because we know that ecommerce website success depends greatly on the level of convenience it offer to online shoppers.

Francis 'Toke
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