There are so many WordPress mistakes that users make unknowingly sometimes out of omission. You begin to wonder, what did I do wrongly or what step did I omitted or did I place a code wrongly? Endless questions asked before you figured out the exact place the mistake came from.

Let me share an encounter I had. I got a code sometimes ago that I needed to insert into the functions.php file that would make shortcode content show-up on the sidebar. I’ve placed the code at the position I was suppose to put it, but forgot to include the sign ‘}’ after the code. And I’d clicked ‘Update file’. Before I could say Jack Robinson, the site went down.

More so, I could not access the website admin dashboard on WordPress. I had to go through the file manager on the cpanel at the hosting end to correct it.

There are more mistakes that can make you really look silly which the infographic below will help point out and also give you clue on how to fix them.
WordPress User Errors

Francis 'Toke
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