Francis OwotkeThank you so much for clicking through to this page. It must have been borne out of love, curiosity or feeling of re-assurance to a need you  feel I can serve.

Frandimore metamorphosed from the business of plantain chips I setup in my locality (Called VickyDel Plantain Chips). The passion I have for the business evolve brand creativity which eventually launch Frandimore as a brand name in the global community today. ‘Passion and creativity’ is the mother of brand invention.

So, when I was planning to setup my first website on blogger, necessitated by the need to widen the market coverage of the business, I could not think of any keyword play/permutation for SEO preference. Frandimore flowed in naturally. Guessed I’m tied to the name. Sure! Who is Frandimore? You may want to ask. OK!

Frandimore is founded by Francis Toke. He is proudly married to a beautiful and God fearing wife- Vicky. We both reside in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a banker while I’m all round entrepreneur with many parts. A producer (Plantain Chips, Potato Chips and Chin-Chin), website designer, marketer, blogger and a man indebted to see you succeed in business.

However, my zeal to succeed in business and also help people and organizations in similar businesses propel my desire to setup a website and also learn web design. I discovered that there is more to website designing and blogging than store-front or article journal, just as twitter is more than tweeting.

Blog is a global business model configured as a platform for sharing information and knowledge with prospective customer in the buying trend process, while website help market our products and services across the globe thereby maximizing opportunity to gain presence that enhances higher return on investment.

A novice I was when I setup my first blog on blogger. So, I setup a free blog where I learn the gimmicks and technicalities of blogging. This learning curve motivated me to build this website on WordPress. It would be my pleasure to see new bloggers understand the arts of blogging and really applying the true reason for a blog as a means of publishing creative ideas, value oriented information and knowledge to serve audience, while using it as a potent means of attracting and engaging potential customer. This has always been my take on blog and website setup.

Upon this, couple with the passion to see you succeed in your business and blogging endeavor, was my willingness kindled to share knowledge as a website designer, WordPress consultant, marketer and blogger via this medium with the intent of promoting Frandimore as a brand.

While doing this, I team up with other experienced partners to help you accelerate your business frontier and capabilities through website design & marketing that give will your brand the exposure and visibility needed for growth.

We believe any form of advertisement or strategic marketing that does not end in sales is a cop-out. So, we go two steps ahead the normal trend with the inclusion of the left brain to develop services that make your business attract, engage and convert target audience to loyal customer who are invariably the catalyst that ignite business growth.

Frandimore desire to serve your online business and marketing need through website designed professionally that will make your business attract audience including mobile-end users and optimized for search engine ranking and indexing; marketing strategies that guarantees traffic conversion, lead and maximum ROI; customized Facebook business page and twitter setup that reflects brand innovation and unwavering presence that enhance smooth connectivity and interactivity with clients, traffic insight, bulk SMS for direct marketing, campaign, brand awareness & sales promo and eBooks aimed at refining your business knowledge base.

So, fasten your seat belt as you journey through the flow of knowledge and information available for business growth and blog business success tips this site will offer you in no time that you quickly bookmark it and/or subscribe to it’s content updated regularly.

Should you need us for anything we can serve, don’t hesitate to use the contact us page or use this email address- [email protected] to wrap your message directly to me.

Your success, Our Passion!

Francis 'Toke
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