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‘In this era where marketing communication is done digitally, website is the indispensable medium you need to attract, engage, convert and retain prospective customer which otherwise would amount to ‘sales transfer‘ to your Why business need websitecompetitors that have a functional website’

More Reasons Why You Should Put Your Business Online

# There is a significant increase in internet usage among your targeted audience.

# Your commercials (TV advert & Radio jingles, Handbill and Online Campaign) is not complete until you get a website where you can build a landing page, because these commercials are limited to propel conversion.

# Prospective customer use search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing as link to website where they educate and familiarize themselves with product and services long before taking the buying decision.

# Families and loved ones have the capacity to influence buyer’s decision and their perspective of brands. They use social media as platform to connect, interact, share ideas and content among themselves. These are mostly content on website especially blog.

We strongly feel you should take your business to where your target market congregates.

Who We Are

Frandimore is a professional website design company in Lagos Nigeria, web redesign and maintenance services, online marketing, free WordPress blog setup and WordPress tutorials. We put your business ahead the competition.

Why We Are Different

We don’t just design website rather, we build website that put your brand in vantage position while creating the online presence and visibility that really attract, engage and convert your targeted audience to loyal customer.

What We Want To Do For Your Business

Our aim is to accelerate your business frontier and capabilities through website design and online marketing that will make your brand attract more customer and the formidable brand exposure needed for business growth.


We leverage thePower of Creativity and Customer Focused Satisfaction‘ to deliver the following set of services below.

# Business Website Development Business website design that will make your brand attract customer including mobile-end users. Read More

# Website Redesign services We give your website the ‘New Look’ that match current design trend making it more functional and attractive. Learn More

# Website Maintenance Services We make your website do the exact things you desire it to do without stress whatsoever on you. Learn More

# Free WordPress Blog Setup The free WordPress blog setup with premium design. Learn How

Get A Website For Your Business Today!

Let us design your website to attract, engage and convert your targeted audience to loyal customer. This is easy when basic human psychology is incorporated into website design structures and content.

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Why not learn new things, increase your self-worth and stay ahead the competition with our WordPress tips and tricks for smart people like you.

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