Why we accept Cryptocurrency

We believed cryptocurrency has come to stay and there is no denying the fact that it is moving with speed into financial mainstream looking at the bigger picture globally.

Frandimore team seeks to capture every segment of the available market strata so as to make our product accessible to all and sundry hence the need to include cryptocurrency as one of the payment options.

Digital currency is characterized by wild volatility; we therefore accept only USDT coin for now. The rate in naira is adjusted periodically to conform with the current exchange rate and of course its volatility.

It is our hope that you shall use it to make payment for crunchies you buy from us.

In case you do not know how or where to interact with cryptocurrency, there is a platform called Sleekarena where you can buy or sell both bitcoin and litecoin on Peer-to-Peer basis. You may click here to visit the platform.sleekarena

Please, ensure you do your due diligence before trading on the platform as this does not mean we have vetted the platform on your behalf.

Frandimore is one of the few platforms that believe in cryptocurrency as a formidable means of making online payment which was why we included it on our flow of payment.

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